If the idea of a 'Coach' has you thinking of that gym teacher you had in high school or your militant JV volleyball coach, let me change your perspective. Think of me as your dedicated friend, your sidekick, an angel in your ear. As your Life Coach we will work side by side to accomplish your goals. Whether that's busting through unhealthy behaviors, getting out of a life 'rut', gaining clarity on your life's purpose, or simply learning how to put your needs first. We will create simple lifestyle practices and achievable solutions for living your best life. 

It starts with your Body. How do you feel? How is your energy, your whole foods intake, your activity level? Is your current health routine working for or against your Body?

Next is your Soul. That connection to a greater source which begs for you to live richly. Is your Soul being nourished? Are you living out your passions, the things that fill you up? Do you even know what those things are? 



With your Body and Soul being properly cared for, you can then be at cause for Service. You will give back to your family, your friends, and your community (without even trying!!). Whether you decide to volunteer your time to a worthy cause, share your new found passions with the people you love, or simply speak your truth more often - You will share your gifts from a place of empowerment, clarity, and selflessness. You will see how Service, in it's many forms, not only reinforces the need to maintain your Body and Soul, but you will have created a lifestyle that seamlessly cycles health, happiness, and inspiration .