You've probably heard the saying, If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Well, I would like to suggest that if Mama ain't healthy, ain't nobody healthy! I don't just mean health in the sense of diet and exercise. What I'm referring to is your overall, whole self health. Body and Soul.

Healthy Mamas is a 4 week program designed to get right to the heart of living your best life. In this program I take the tenets of my Wellness Coaching approach {Body. Soul. Service.} and the science of Yoga to provide you with tools, exercises, and resources to live empowered, passionately, and healthy. I'm a mother and I know first hand how easy it can be to lose connection to yourself while in the process of caring for others. That's why this program is specifically for Mamas! As a Mama you are the leader of your family. You set the example for health, empowerment, and fulfilled living. That's why it is SO important for you to be taking care of YOU. 

Healthy Mamas is all about helping you get your groove back!

Here's how we do it: 
We meet weekly to examine our lives, uncover blockages, and make positive change.

Simple practices like meditation, yoga (bring your mat), journal exercises, and weekly homework, will get you in touch with your Body and Soul again.

We de-clutter! (home, body, and habits)

We commit to Self-Care. 

We reconnect you to your passions to gain clarity on how you can best be of Service to yourself, your family, your world.

We celebrate each other and share our successes in a private Facebook community.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let's DO this!